Seduce Women as a Fortnite Player

Seduce Women as a Fortnite Player
So you maybe playing fortnite all day and all night, but still like to date girls and become successfull with women, no problem. just pause the game and follow the steps. make sure to watch till the end for the link to the free masterclass.
1. Be comfortable fortnite world record with yourself. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, you’ll never be comfortable with her. fortnite thats it
2. Think about it. Do you really like her? If you don’t and you tell her or ask her out, it will hurt you both in the end.

3. Talk to her! You may fortnite world record have heard it a million times, but it works! Ask her what she likes, or if she has seen any good movies lately. Find out what you need to know. If you’re unsure of something look it up, or ask a friend if they know. And remember what she said. You can fortnite record use it in your next conversation. Girls love this because it makes them feel interesting. And they love guys who are good listeners.
4. Learn about what she likes. If she takes fortnite a pottery class at the local art studio, join in, if you’re up to it. fortnite world record oh yeah
5. Build up a friendship. Don’t go too fast. Take it one step at a time. Befriend her. If you go too fast and ask her out after your first conversation, she’ll think you’re creepy and just another jerk trying to be with her. She’ll appreciate the wait. And as they say, patience is a virtue. fortnite world record oh yeah
6. Be friends with some of her friends. Friends are very, very important to girls, and they’ll benefit you. However, don’t do it solely for this purpose; don’t use them, because they will find out. When they do, they’ll tell their friend, and if you mess with her friends, you mess with her. And you’ll never get her.
7. Start flirting. Once you’ve built your friendship, you are at the point where you feel comfortable flirting with her. Go for it. But don’t come on too strong, or she’ll think you’re weird and will stop talking to you. Be subtle, and don’t make it too obvious. So don’t stare at her with googly eyes for 10 minutes straight.
8. Flirt some more. Once you’re comfortable with flirting, turn it up a notch. But remember one notch at a time.
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so guys in this video we gonna talk about how to treat a girl the right way.
Lets start fellas. these ways are in the styles similar to the Shogun Method or other Methods of very popular Persons, in my opinion, the best way to become the men you always wanted to be and to flirt with women, like the master, shogun method just watch till the end and check the link, shogun method so you can get free access to jasons premium video about fractionation, fractionation hypnosis enslavement of women etc. and all the stuff, that helped me in the past for free

1. Remember the movie “The Prestige”? In order to lead us to seeing and believing the “impossible” shogun method outcome that he’s about to produce, a magician starts with drawing up a plan and a strategy which he then studies, rehearses, improves and puts into practice until he can produce the desired result so to speak blindfolded and without any hesitation. In the movie, shogun method the general plan is described as this:
The pledge: You need to get the people’s attention and interest, give them a reason to listen to you, create trust, offer a wider shogun method perspective, promise fun, security, happiness, benefit fractionation hypnosis or advantage.
The turn: fractionation hypnosis Without interaction and emotional involvement, your pledge will lead to nothing and will soon be forgotten. You will not obtain the desired outcome, unless you work toward it in a planned, structured, strategic way. You need to obtain interaction and emotional involvement fractionation hypnosis from your listener.
The prestige: But of course, unless you can close the deal, nothing is ever won. The turn, therefore is always function of the prestige. You cannot hit a target if you don’t know what you are aiming at. Good strategies are of little use if you do not have a fixed goal, determination and self confidence.

2. Target somebody and get to know their inner world. At the start, mostly, you don’t know anything about their values. So you have to be careful: stick to what you see (appearance, clothes, …) and return the information they are giving you. When connecting this information to such abstract things as their feelings and opinions, be vague. Let their own imagination fill in the gaps.
The deeper the rapport, the more they will trust what you say. Instinctively, they will then complete the vague images that you are offering with content that is meaningful to them and which they will agree with. This will further deepen the established rapport and make them more receptive to what you are saying. If you say, “On my way here, I saw this beautiful, green Jaguar”, they might think that a green Jaguar is not what they consider being a beautiful car.
This would weaken and possibly break the rapport. If, on the other hand, you just say: “On my way here, I saw this beautiful car”, that would probably help them to feel as if they were seeing a beautiful car. So remember: Provide a vivid, detailed description in terms of the senses, to engage the imagination; Agree, Praise and Confirm : Be empathic and similar, to create rapport; Compliment: clothes, interior, this is so great, you are so …; Be vague when it comes to facts or feelings he is supposed to have now, in order to lead your listener’s imagination and emotions in the direction that you have set out, allowing your vague descriptions to further intensify the established rapport.
How to be vague? Adapt your use of language: Use Pronouns (it, he, …)instead of concrete nouns; use nominalizations(independent verbs such as “the going”); use Metaphors “the black gold” instead of “petrol”); use Paradoxes (“the sound of silence”); use Alliteration (successive words starting with the same sound); use Ellipses (leave out unnecessary words); use Personalizing Repetitions (With me, …); use Personifications (“the rain is telling us …”); Use Stories, Fairy Tales and Myths …. and meanwhile, discover their values and use them in all you say.
Make them talk or think about themselves, their emotions, desires, … by asking questions as: “What are you looking for in a car, boyfriend, …?”, “Why did you buy this?”, “What do you like most about it?”, “How would you describe your ideal …?”. Also: Ask for advice: “what would you do?”, “how do you do this?”, “what do you suggest?”.
3. Combine Discovering Values with Visualization. A good but very straightforward method is: The direct suggestion + feed back question. Using phrases like: “If you were to imagine feeling really sad right now, how would that feel like?” will take people’s imagination back to moments in which they felt that way, inducing a similar feeling right now. Of course, saying something like that so blatantly requires that you have previously built up a good deal of trust and comfort.
Unless people accept that you have some right to share the information asked for, and unless the context allows for believing that you have a genuine interest in the subject at the time of asking, you are prone to meet with strong opposition just because it is straight out suggestive.
A more indirect way to obtain the same result is: The manipulative question. You might say: “What do you need to feel in order to be really comfortable around someone?” , or: “What does it feel like when you feel incredibly happy / attracted to someone…?” A still somewhat weaker variation hereof is the indirect manipulative question. This would sound like: “Have you ever found yourself becoming so longing to buy a product, that the rest of the world just seems to fade away and all you can think of is how much you need to have this thing? And have you ever felt this so strongly that you were ready to pay almost just about anything to get it?”
The disadvantage here is that you could get a simple “yes” or “no” without the other person ever having done a conscious effort to re-live the situation. At that point, you simply ask: “why was that?”, “Can you tell me some more about it?” These questions have four important advantages: The answers will provide you with useful information about the deeper structure of the listener’s mind and of his world-view,
They will reveal you which kind of arguments are likely to influence this person. e.g. which qualities are needed by this person to feel comfortable with somebody [you], At the same time they will make him actually go through the experience and relive the connected feelings, in order to being able to describe them to you and their subconscious mind will automatically associate the context with the speaker, the result being that the listener will instantly feel more attracted to you.
Always keep in mind to: Present evidence for what you say, Submit your proof for verification, Be confident and relaxed, Look into the eyes of the listener (but don’t overdo it) and Use your listener’s Christian name.
Create Rapport. We’ve used the word before in this article, and you have certainly read it many times before. But what is rapport in fact, and how do you create it? We all know that “A man convinced against his will, remains of the same opinion still ..” That is why every sales- or hypnosis course and every article about dating will tell you that you need to start with creating as much rapport as possible.
Only after you have created sufficiently emotional connection and trust, will your listener feel comfortable enough to actually listen to you, and accept and emotionally respond to images that you are describing. Creating rapport goes as follows:
Mirror your listener’s body language, That is: his posture, movements, breathing rhythm and physical state. Why? Copying his behavior causes him to feel similar to you, which in turn will lead to your listener starting to copy you in response.
Confirm and match your listener’s inner world. That is: his values, perceptions, beliefs, emotions, ideas and assumptions. Why? when you copy your listener’s way of seeing the world (visual, audio …), his way of expressing himself (words and expressions he uses), repeat his values, accept him as he is and confirm him in his beliefs and opinions, he will listen to you, accept what you are saying and start to like you because he will see you as very similar to himself and will appreciate the respect you show him.
After all, you are confirming him in what and how he is and what you are telling, is the truth, such as he too perceives it. Useful techniques for creating rapport are : Agree, Praise and Confirm, Practice Overall empathic interaction, Copy patterns of speech, words and images used,
Tell about similar experiences, Ask for advice, Insert pauses between phrases, talk slowly, whisper. Examples: O.k., right, exactly my idea; I have that same feeling all the time; I was just about to say exactly the same thing; You are great, smart, good, …; I couldn’t agree more; How would you … ? What would you do if … ?
Practice mind reading and prediction of the future. Using gathered information for “mind reading” or making correct assumptions is very useful to build a sensation of rapport and will make the listener more receptive to your propositions. Examples: Right now you may ask yourself; You probably feel something, By now you will see, understand, agree …; I see that you start to understand, … ; I am so glad to hear that you feel the same way …; You will soon start feeling, you will see, you will enjoy; We will first … and then you will know, see, feel, …;
a)Once you have fully understood this, you will be able to. Be careful to use vague or ambiguous phrases: By this time, you might start to become aware of this special sensation; That (what ??) can feel so good, can’t it?.
b)A good and safe way is to tell things by implication: I wonder if you already realize that the main advantage …; I don’t know if you already noticed that …; By now, you may feel how the desire keeps growing; And then this sensation of … will increase more and more; You can keep feeling more …; You will feel completely satisfied; Again, we …; Once you have fully understood this, you will be able to …; Everybody knows, We all feel that …; You will feel so secure, so relaxed, so happy …
Telling the listener what he knows, feels and thinks, is not enough though: you should link it to what he must do next using straight links (and, also, but, …), Implicit links (while, during, after, before … you feel, are, will see…) or Links which reveal a necessity (since you have experienced for yourself … you know; A causes B; this requires, Because X …follows Y; Since we agreed that A = B, therefore …)
However bear in mind to avoid giving direct orders: A/ use superpositions instead (NOT: “imagine”, or “try to imagine”, BUT: “While you imagine this, you will realize that …”; NOT: “look at this”, BUT: “we can see that …”). You might also want to simultaneously build silent acceptation (which will make it more difficult for the other to disagree later) by finishing your sentences with “Yes?”, “Right?”, “You see?”, “Got it?”

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